1. joestando asked: If you haven't, you NEED to check out the Bob's Game guy's official website. It's extremely dense so I just skimmed it, but he's topped himself since the protest stuff.

    My goodness http://bobsgame.com/

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob’s_Game#Rejection_and_protest

    After 17 weeks of trying and failing to get Nintendo to provide Pelloni with the SDK, on December 11, 2008, he decided to publicly protest to Nintendo by locking himself in his room for 100 days or until they provided him with the SDK, whichever came first.[1] According to Owen Good from Kotaku, he staged the protest in an effort to gain publicity by making Nintendo look like a corporate bully beating down on an indie game developer.[4] His room had no Internet access (save for broadcasting a live feed of him in his room via a webcam) or television and had only a mobile phone in which he could make calls and send emails and the materials he needed to work on the game.[5] Pelloni made the following comment when he decided to protest:[3]

    "I cannot leave this viridian room. The door is locked and barricaded from the outside. I am sleeping behind the camera, and yes- I’ve got a shower. Food is delivered once a week by a friend…This is my 100 day protest to Nintendo!"

    —Robert Pelloni

    Please read the entire Wikipedia article. Please


  3. Anonymous asked: I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but you do work on a blog that specifically pays attention to stuff that sucks

    I am going to kick your ass.


  4. Anonymous asked: Why do you guys like Sam Hyde so much? He's total libertarian garbage who thinks that outwardly racist and sexist behaviour is subversive. Have you ever read his views at all? If you seriously believe he doesn't actually support them then you're an idiot. Now dog me.

    db here. I like a few things Sam and the other MDE guys do. This video by Sam is really great, for example. It’s just so stupid and silly. This one, too. Also this one. That’s not to say I agree with him tossing around slurs or whatever. It comes off a bit too easy and it’s obvious that it’s just shock humor. That thing they did in Brooklyn was a bit much.

    I didn’t submit that MDE thing to this tumblr but I don’t think it was a terrible idea. As I said before, some of their stuff is okay. I haven’t even read about that project yet. I’m not sure I will. (I am very lazy) I’m rambling now.

    Back to your question, I haven’t “read his views” because I don’t care about his views on anything. If something makes me laugh, I like it. If something sucks, I try not to pay attention to it.

    You can’t go through life getting worked up about everything everyone does. You’ll give yourself a dang aneurysm. 

    I hope this response helped somehow and you don’t hate us.

    Here is a really fat (pregnant) cat.


  5. These dumb steampunk Kickstarters are a dime a dozen, but even if they got funded, I don’t think they could ever deliver the sort of stuff that they’re promising with their budget. Plus, all of the images are just taken from other sources, watermarks and all.


  6. So if you remember that “Happiness From Nothing” bullshit white-savior Kickstarter from a while ago when the woman was going to go to Africa and take pictures of impoverished people or some shit and sell it, she’s moved websites and is trying again: 


  7. I would like to interview unique people with ambitious goals and tell there story of why and how they come up with there dreams/ idea

    This guy also has a YouCaring page to raise money for the same goal. Cover all your bases, I guess.

    Also, the YouCaring page states:

    iam 28yrs old entrepenuer with ambituous goals i know i can achieve with just a little help. Iam a 3.0 gpa and  student athlete in highschool


    Iam currently disabled so i cant work for 3 months anything woould help greatly appreciate it

    Street Dreamz


  8. Anonymous asked: post another fat dog


  9. Anonymous asked: Can you make every post link to the corresponding kickstarter going forward?

    Yeah definitely. Sorry about that. There are three people who run this but I personally always try to link the post via the image and I add a link below that because some folks had some issues clicking those images awhile back. 

    Also, sometimes when people submit things they don’t include the link to the KS project so it’s a pain to go back and basically recreate the post so it’s formatted correctly. 

    Anyways, we’ll try to do better. Thanks pal. 



  10. Anonymous asked: I had a request, I like seeing the number of notes just to gauge post popularity. I can see it on mobile but not on regular desktop browsers for some reason. If you could enable that I would be mildly convenienced

    Oh yeah, this was off in the theme for some reason. It’s on now. Cheers. 



  12. This project is a documentary film that will seek to solve the mystery of Malaysia Flight 370. We will be exploring multiple theories of the disappearance of Flight 370.  These theories will include mechanical failure; sinister human involvement; hijacking, pilot or co-pilot involvement; the Iranians with stolen passports; other hijacking or terrorist actions.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014

    Pay $18,000 to see some random guy’s take on the missing plane. The most likely scenario here is that the authorities find conclusive evidence about where the plane went before this even gets funded. The ideal scenario is that it gets fully funded and then the day the campaign ends they find the plane and this guy has to refund everyone’s money and apologize. Ideal for me, I mean. Not for the people with missing family members


  13. Anonymous asked: I'm glad that you have prepared for the backlash of challenging body positivity at the detriment of good health.

    I don’t think fat positive blogs and good health are mutually exclusive. For instance, I’m overweight and reading insane posts on fat blogs motivates me to eat healthier and go to the gym more often. The thought of turning into someone who writes essay-length posts on tumblr about how JCPenney should keep more XXXXXXL shirts in stock is infinitely more terrifying than the specters of diabetes and heart disease


  14. Anonymous asked: this isn't hate (I actually agree with you) but I just want to see another picture of a fat dog please


  15. Anonymous asked: are you a doctor? no? then stop acting like you know all the ins and outs of how weight loss relates to health. someone who weighs 300 pounds could be healthier than someone who weighs 100. it's not your place to dictate to people how to live their lives. peace