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    hi not sure if you’ve seen this but it’s a waterproof, tear-proof bible. which isn’t that silly until you discover there’s some weird scammy shit going on. the comments are filled with people who think they’ve been burned and i guess the guy who started it has a past (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1627344646/the-forever-bible-a-bible-that-literally-walks-on/comments?cursor=7469640#comment-7469639)

    also one of the backers/probably a founder is spamming the comments with scripture for some reason


  2. Anonymous said: Why are you such a piece of shit that has enough time on his hands to knock down other people's hard work?

  3. this dude is still looking for a boyfriend free girl and nothing he can ever say or do is going to convince me to the contrary

    How to Enjoy Being Single While Making it Suck Less by Scott Calvert

  4. So today, in the spirit of Daniel Burnham, I am proud to announce a new great plan for the city of Chicago: I want to buy ad space in 100 CTA train cars, so that I can legally put ridiculous stuff up in 100 CTA train cars, and make our commutes more fun.

    With our ads, we will be able to inject a little silliness, fun and absurdity into the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans. And backers will get to vote on the potential ad copy, so you will have a voice in choosing what goes up in the L cars.

    Some potential campaigns include: 

    • Facts About Squirrels - Ads alerting the public to “facts” about squirrels. (Example 1: “FACT: You can’t prove that squirrels aren’t all plotting to sneak into our bedrooms and tickle us in our sleep. #SquirrelTruth.” Example 2: “FACT: Statistically speaking, at least one ‘person’ on this train is actually 7 squirrels dressed up in human clothing. Can you spot him/her? #SquirrelTruth.”)
    • …Vanessa? - Ads from someone pleading to “Vanessa” to take him back. (Example 1: “Vanessa, I’m not allergic to dogs anymore! Please come back.” Example 2: “Vanessa, please take me back. I wear button down shirts now. It’s a good look for me, I think.”)
    • Random Pictures of Goats - Ads featuring just pictures of goats, because goats are awesome/hilarious.

    i dunno, dude. sounds a little too random to me

    The Chicago Transit Project by Ben Larrison


  5. thechessboardspookslibrary said: I'm on the fence with that Cybermatrix 100 guy. Everything about the project screams troll, especially how his video is Too Perfectly awkward, complete with Cat intruding, and even the guy's mother walking around in the background, it's just too perfect. However submitting the same project three times is taking the joke a bit far, unless after that potato salad KS, he's actually hoping to get some cash out of it. As one would expect with a scam, the goal has been decreasing each time he submits.

    He’s either Chris-chan but with computers instead of sonic recolors or he’s a brilliant actor. Either way I love him


  6. Anonymous said: Woah no need to go calling him insane. That's so meanspirited. I thought his kickstarter was cute and amusing but I don't think he deserves having insults slung at him for it.

    I don’t mean it in a bad way. I appreciate whatever is happening in his brain and I want him to get the money so I can buy the cyber computer


  7. Anonymous said: The 'cybermatrix 100' kickstarter is a joke project

    Are you sure? Seems like a lot of effort for the guy to grow out a long stringy mullet and practice emulating the speech patterns and body language of an insane person to make a fake kickstarter for a few people to laugh at

  8. Please watch the video. This guy is like a cross between Chris-chan and Ulillillia. Give him the money too. Help him bring his dreams to life

    the cybermatrix 100 has the ability to make games, movies and music in cyberspace, and has the main console, the rom attatchment, the cyberportal, cyberbooth, cyber controller, for navigating the explorer of the cyber os, cyberstove, galaxy attachment [for making your own devices], and has 2 cyberterminals: the private cyberterminal [for games], and the public cyberterminal [for socialization]. you can make these medias using the cyber os proprietary engine. it also will come with 2 proprietary games: cybermatrix underground, and cybermatrix sports.



  10. Anonymous said: I got a question about potato salad guy. He said he could not donate the extra money due to kickstarter's policies, but couldn't he have added a stretch goal stating 'such and such money will go to charity x' at some point after the thing ballooned out of control but before it ended?

    Nope. Kickstarter rules expressly prohibit fundraising for charity and financial incentives. A stretch goal to donate extra money to charity, or a reward tier that involved part of your money going to charity, would be no effectively different from just straight up asking for that money from the get-go.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how he follows through after the thing ends. I’m hoping he just takes the money and runs.


  11. Anonymous said: on the erik's return to improv post you spelled his name right in the name of the ks then spelled it wrong in his actual name


  12. Anonymous said: u rock bby. can i has some dog pics

  13. fuck you and the fantasy rearden metal alloy train you rode in on

    Austrian Economics for Kids by C.Jay Engel

  14. on failing to pass a basic improv class, most folks would probably re-assess themselves and realize that comedy might not be for them. others go to kickstarter to beg for money so they can repeat their failure on someone else’s dime. good shit

    Grounded at the Groundlings: Erik’s Return by Eric Scott Romney

  15. Congrats, Ann.

    (note: in the 12 or so hours since i took this screencap last night, she’s surpassed the $500 mark)

    Unicorn Hat by Ann Aguirre

    (via my-little-mod-blog)