2. Anonymous asked: Since you guys cover Indiegogo campaigns in addition to Kickstarters, will you also accept posts on stuff from Patreon and other crowdfunding sites? Sorry if this has been asked before, just kinda curious.

    yes definitely

  3. …what?

  4. unfortunately for this guy, i have it on good authority from the secret conspiratorial force that runs the world that they are going to do everything in their power to prevent this kickstarter from reaching its $10k goal

  5. man,. i love colleage


  6. laserpon3:

    Hello Guys.
    I recently have been brought under the attention of a game called Dark Skyes on kickstarter. It claims to be a “brony dating sim”. Now I wouldn’t support a game like this, however for the ones considering to support it: do NOT support it. It’s a big money scam created by Million…

    damn. it did seem just a little bit too good to be true. MDE, you got us again

    also, i love that the tone of this post clearly indicates that the author wanted to spend money on a brony dating sim, and is now upset that he will not be able to do so


  7. For those who haven’t been following the Scandock saga, we first featured their Kickstarter on this blog last January. The project creators asked $479 for a thingy that you stick your iPhone in so that you can take pictures of documents using the phone’s camera. Their funding target was $100,000. I promised to chop off my own dick if they reached that goal, and while they did reach their goal, we noticed some very strange irregularities in their funding patterns. My dick remains intact.

    PC Magazine reviewed the Scandock. Surprise, it’s a piece of shit.

    Part of me just wants to quote the whole review below, but I’ll just put some highlights here:

    The program doesn’t give you any easy way to move the files to a PC. It keeps them in its own library, which makes it impossible to simply connect to your PC with a USB cable and copy them. Instead, you have to go through the work of saving each one to PDF or JPG format first, or emailing each one to yourself individually.


    For document scanning, you can put a stack of pages on the document bed and work your way through them fairly quickly. I found I could scan about 7 pages per minute with the mat, or about 10 pages without it.


    The app doesn’t include an optical recognition (OCR) feature, so any results for OCR will vary not just with the phone you use but with the OCR software you pick. For my tests, using our standard OCR test documents, I moved the files to a PC (with some effort) and used Abbyy FineReader 9.0 to recognize the text.

    The results were much worse than with most standard scanners, with the combination of Scandock, phone, and FineReader failing to read either our Times New Roman or Arial test pages even at sizes as large as 12 points without making at least one mistake.

    Just embarrassing.

  8. My support for this hinges on whether or not the bees end up escaping and attacking Burning Man attendees

  9. i don’t get it. good thing 34 people do though, i guess



  11. Anonymous asked: ok, I've noticed that like everyone in the kick starters are from Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a person who lives there I'm gonna share that EVERYONE there is like that, thinking they have some 'rad and fresh' new 'hipster' idea or thinking they can drop a 'hip' ep and jump start their career

    in all fairness some of them are from east lansing too

  12. the joke writes itself


  13. Anonymous asked: Did Hendren and Thorpe end up getting the cash for their dom perignon, diaper thing? I remember following it at the time but I suddenly realise I don't know how it ended up.

    the fuckers at indiegogo wouldn’t know good art if it walked up to them and slapped them in the face with a two by four. they got wind of the project and took the page down

  14. no

  15. an epic video of laughter and tears through the eyes of Google Glass.”