1. Not two weeks ago I was screaming to my wife about how I had wished there were a nostalgic way to bottle, mix and consume my shakes, liquids, spices and more. Lo and behold I open my inbox to this bad boy, The Protein Mason.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Hey, YKS, so some guy put a spout thing on a mason jar from World Market and called it a day. Why should I give a hot wet shit?”

    Well, I’ll tell you why, you rude iittle pig. This is a nostalgic way to bottle, mix and consume your shakes, liquids, spices and more. 

    Now I know what you’re thinking AGAIN. “That sounds really stupid. I still don’t care.” You’re wrong, asshole. These guys have a prototype. They’ve done testing. It’s a mason jar. It’s a nostalgic way to bottle, mix and consume your shakes, liquids, spices and more! Why are you being such a dick about this?

    "I’m just saying. It seems unnecessary..It seems like these guys are just trying to cash in on the recent surge in cloying pseudo-nostalgic sentimentality and neo-homesteading/DIY thats so hot right now

    Buddy, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Check out these mugs from 7eleven. They kick ass.

    The Protein Mason


  2. potato salad

  3. This guy is trying to do an unofficial remake of Chrono Trigger in RPG Maker. It looks worse than the original game

    I wanted the chance to try to please fans with this remake for newcomers and for Chrono trigger players already. So in this remake I wanted to work on more of the story and have some magna Artist look at the characters and story.

    Are you daft mate. Did you hit your head

    Bonus video of retsupurae mocking the gameplay footage

  4. The Wu-Tang clan announced that they will be manufacturing a single copy of their super secret not-so-secret LP “The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” and then auctioning the album to the highest bidder. 

    So, some dude wants to buy the only copy and destroy it because Wu-Tang “has devolved” into “self righteous assholes”. They are too rich or disillusioned or something and this is his way of making a statement blah blah blah.

    Regarding the album auction, the Kickstarter creator, Chris Everhart says: 

    This would be a tremendous idea if all the proceeds went to poor artists or cancer research or Autism or something.  Instead it goes to the pockets of artists who have the entire world at their ear.

    The irony of calling WuTang assholes for not being charitable but simultaneously being okay with giving them 6 million dollars, instead of “cancer research or autism or something” is palpable.

    Destroy only copy of new Wu-Tang album

  5. If you watch the video (please don’t, it’s really really unfunny) the entire reason he’s kickstarting his webseries is “I already have the equipment, but my wife said I can’t spend any more money.”

  6. This guy’s name is The Extreme Modder. One would think if they were truly an extreme modder they would know how to jailbreak a ps3 and wouldn’t need to purchase one from some guy on craigslist or whatever.

    Godspeed, kid.

    Need Help Getting a Jailbroken PS3


  7. Anonymous said: Can you please remove my pony image /: it was fake and I would like it removed

    I’m gonna be honest, “pony image” is a pretty broad request for this blog, but I assume you’re talking about the pony panties one. I’ll take it down. 


  8. seasick said: Going through this brilliant blog, I just randomly clicked on the "minimalistic" iPhone case that's only a metal X that you posted in December, and the comment page is full of people who still haven't received anything

    Oh yeah, The Radius. I almost forgot about this thing. 

    The last update from the project’s creator was on November 10th of 2013. 


  9. Anonymous said: Can I submit stuff anonymously?

    Yes, of course. If you don’t want to be credited for the submission, you can always mention that when you submit your post.

    Alternately, just put the submission in an ask and tick the anonymous box. 


  10. mom-san said: Oh its like when Anita Sarkeesian asked people to pay to watch her play video games.


  11. Anonymous said: u suck

  12. I love to pay for the privilege of watching other people play video games

    Pledge £40 or more

    All of the above and i add you on steam and you can play with me whenever :)

    That’s good. THat’s the good stuff

    Edit: I went to this guys profile on twitch and he has 1 follower. His most popular youtube video has 24 views. Where does he think $1000 (in USD) is going to come from. His profile says he’s 13. How did he even get an Amazon Payments account. Get your kids off the damn internet

  13. Arizona “comedian” wants you to pay for her to go to San Francisco to audition for a reality TV show. The 45 second snippet of her act has Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s jokes, abortion jokes, “is Pokemon a STD” jokes and a “joke” that’s literally “I want to adopt a Native American child and name him Redbox.”

    Childhood Dreams


  15. This has nothing to do with kickstarter but here we go.

    anon asked:

    I watched a video awhile back where someone ordered pizza for a homeless couple. They said they hadn’t eaten for days and they were so joyful they started crying. Before then I never truly understood what being poor/homeless meant and how much I take the little things for granted, like being able to order pizza. I noticed there were more videos like it and they all really touched me. Now whenever I see a homeless person, I help out however I can and I’ve been voluntarily/donating to a food bank for 3 years now. Seeing people help one another inspires us to do the same, so I really don’t think those videos/instagrams/etc are as bad you think they are. Most people don’t do those sort of things because they’re evil and want to “exploit da homeless 4 views!!” they do it because they want to inspire others to do the same. So, really… stop being so fucking cynical about everything. The homeless people smiling in the videos certainly don’t mind, so why should you?

    First of all, I apologize if I sounded incredibly cynical. I definitely am to a fault. That is insanely good that you help out and volunteer! I’m in no way saying that seeing those videos/photos and being inspired is a bad thing. I think, however, you are the exception to the rule. 

    I can’t reconcile the fact that if those people who advertise their humanitarian efforts were truly great people they would be doing it regularly—and maybe some of them are. I don’t know. Why you gotta make a big fuss and bask in the adulation of online strangers?

    It just feels so.. hacky.

    Anyway, enough. Here are some fat dogs in a bathtub.