1. Anonymous said: That whole business with Anita Sarkeesian and the $1,000 shoe? A literal out-and-out lie. Check Daily Dot, story title: Anita Sarkeesian is not stealing Kickstarter money to buy Gucci shoes. It's an out-and-out blatant lie.

    gucci gucci louis louis fendi fendi prada / female vanity reinforces a sexist trope so i dont even bother


  2. Anonymous said: please reconsider your writer who wrote the bear and policewoman article. while i agree its mess, whats an ever bigger mess is the writing. its atrocious. someone handed some half drunk a keyboard and an article and they hammered out absolute bollock. please consider a revision at the very least, because i love this tumblr and dont want to see it crash.

    Dear Anon,

    The author in question has just been killed by the remaining staff members of this blog.

    It seemed like hours.. but it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. We stood over his lifeless body in shock at what had happened. No one wanted to say it, but we all knew what we had become. Killers. Monsters. Madmen. We took his life from him. If there was indeed a hell, it would surely be waiting for us now.

    Something inside us had changed. Our insides had turned sour. 

    With a slow, deliberate pace, we began to move. One by one we turned our backs to what we had done. We returned our desks and began to blog.




  3. Anonymous said: so tell me how you feel about Doobie's Dog House

    damn I didn’t know about this. or maybe we posted this last year. I forget http://mishkafaulken.com/2014/01/23/doobies-dog-house-saga-rough-timeline-and-analysis/


  4. Anonymous said: I actually follow lemonteaflower and she's pretty sweet and about the 'livethefaggotry' url she did explain that she was young and didn't understand/ used it because she herself is lgbt but she realised it was offensive and changed it and has apologised multiple times idk why people are hounding her about it, and also, the bear from the picture is fine, there was another bear cub euthanised but it wasn't the one from the picture

    I didn’t post that one and I sort of skimmed through it but I will post this to present all sides of the issue

    -db (diarrhea balls. not dogboner)

  5. I have been working on this project for a long time now.  Hot sauce is something I love, along with cooking, so I decided to merge the two passions.  Hot sauce is a project with great potential, many people around the world are always looking for the next great hot sauce.  I have had many satisfied trials of my current recipes.  This project is gaining popularity and I hope to have it launched in small market by the end of the year.

    Having a glaring error in the title of your campaign and using 50x50 clip art of a hot pepper instead of a video is a good way to not get $25,000 from strangers. Try again, Mark


  6. louie-d-zavattoni said: re: anita, what i've been hearing is that she didn't seem to do anything with the cash that improved the video quality directly (makeup and a bit higher quality, but nothing else was done and she stole art from Google searches and edited them for her show, and when asked to take them down, tried to claim she was a 'non-profit organization' so she didn't have to pay or request to use it.) also she apparently tweeted buying thousand dollar shoes w/ the kickstarter money, like, wow

    We’ve gotten like 19 “Alright look, here’s the deal..” messages about that Anita thing from a year(?) ago. I’m answering this ask publicly so you guys know our inbox is working. 

    From what I remember some nerds got mad about something and I think I remember being happy about that at the time (a nerd killed my parents) 

    I will take a second look at the Anita Sarkisesenne kickstarter. 



  7. Alright, here’s a big mess of a thing that’s making it’s way around the tumblrverse? tumblesphere?.

    I’m going to try and sum it up as best I can. *deep breath*

    Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles started as a photograph of RCMP officer Suzanne Bourque, turned cute drawing by the original artist Ami Guillén, that went viral across the internet. 

    The person who made the cartoony reimagined drawings of the officer and the bear now wants to make a full fledged cartoon out of the concept. 

    Our ultimate goal is to have Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles developed as a 22-minute (half hour) series. We will pursue working with traditional networks like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, as well as new means of media like Amazon or Netflix Originals.

    Okay cool, I guess. Not really my cup of tea but maybe some people would like to see this. So whats the big deal. Why is everyone in an uproar? There seems to be a lot going on.

    First, lemonteaflower, the artist responsible for creating the concept, used to go by another name “livethefaggotry” which is, uhh, not good yeah. This person is 18, though, so a teen doing stupid shit isn’t really all that shocking. 

    Second, according to this post their former animators were treated like shit.  

    Third, according to this article from The Daily Dot, the bear from the photo might be dead now which, I don’t really understand how it relates to the cartoon or why this is important but ok. 

    Fourth uhh I don’t remember what we were talking about. 

    Five that bear cub in the original photo is extremely cute. 

    You guys are on your own on this one, sorry.

    Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles


  8. My Homeless Experience

    From the submitter:

    College graduate becomes voluntarily homeless for a couple of months, grows beard, decides the lifestyle is not for him. give him nine thousand bucks so he can write and print a book about his struggle.

    some might argue that this money would be put to better use at a homeless charity, but if Rich’s book raises sufficient public awareness then soon we won’t even NEED homeless charities

    Love these kickstarters where middle class/upper-middle class white people decide to go on a journey of self-discovery by becoming one of the poors. So you try on a different hat and ultimately decide it doesn’t look good on you and then you write a book and sell it to other people who have the money available to spend it on something like a book so they have this third-hand experience about what it’s really like to be homeless. All the while real ass people don’t have food, a change of clothes, a warm meal and have gained absolutely nothing from your experiment. 

    This just seems so perverse and exploitative.

    Maybe the guy had good intentions. It certainly sounds that way but geeze louise, man.

    Please don’t write books about your three month long stint as a homeless guy. Please don’t sell a book about the time you, as a lark, decided to be a homeless dude for awhile. Please don’t ask for nine grand for your book.

    Please do donate to charities, volunteer at shelters/food banks/soup kitchens etc.

    Side note, please don’t tweet about how you gave some homeless dude your leftovers. Don’t vine yourself giving homeless people money. Don’t make homeless people pose for instagram photos with you holding the money. Why is it so hard to be a good person without telling everyone you’re a good person. Why is it so difficult not to treat homeless people like props in exchange for the new currency of likes and retweets.

    My Homeless Experience in Chicago

    h/t kevinsnow

  9. At first I thought this was metacommentary or something but it’s just someone dumb enough to make bootleg t-shirts with trademarked company logos and then try to sell them through the company in question


  10. Canadian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. The goal will be to photograph 10 of these beautiful women for you.

    Buddy I can just give “canadian babes” a damn Goog’ for free. And theres a whole helluva lot more than ten on there I’ll tell you that for a fact.

    10 Beautiful Canadian Women

  11. Your Kickstarter Doesn’t Suck. Reading Rainbow Edition.

    Thanks to the folks who sent this in. I’m at work but I had to post this immediately. This project is almost to 700k and it still has a month to go! That’s nuts. This is so great and cool and nice. Reading Rainbow and the Bookmobile were a huge part of my life as a kid. THIS IS SO GREAT AND COOL AND NICE. 

    Put your money in the computer for a nice thing.

    Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere.


  12. pallero2k said: Did you actually get a new writer just now? The Let's not Be Evil article is really out of your style (compared with tomething like "Little Shiela and Miss Tonya" where one image explains all the horror pretty well)

    We did! However, that post was a submission. I need to look into why the theme isn’t displaying submissions v posts. 

    Anyway, please welcome virgiltexas to YKS. Anything bad that happens from now on is all his fault. 

  13. This is one of the worst Kickstarters I’ve seen in ages. Not only is this man a paranoid psychopath, he also contradicts himself. 

    The project creator’s idea can be summed up in a few sentences. He believes that he can challenge the might of internet giants such as Google. If he were to open his eyes— even just a little, he would see that he is nowhere near being able to achieve a portion of his goal.

    Attempting to justify the creation of such a blatantly pointless website, he explains:

    "how a simple multi-searching website + a simple encoded formula could possibly level the playing field among all the top search engines to finally put an end to the Google’s dominance of this huge market as an "evil monopoly" that spies on their search-engine users—calling it "targeted" advertising!? And soon enough, Google will sell their user’s online "trending data" to our recently exposed Big-Brother! You can share this unique "crowd driven" excitement in which a website empowers us "the little people" to actually control this multi-Billion Dollars online advertisement-market in which so far, we are merely a "target" to be sold to, and to be sold to the Big-Brother for even bigger profit!"

    What I understand from this maniac’s speech:

    • Google is an “evil monopoly”. Last time I checked, simply being the best search engine doesn’t make it “evil”. This is like saying that someone is evil and scheming to achieve world domination just because they happen to bake better brownies than you.
    • If I’m supposed to feel “empowered” by using such a website, said website first needs to operate outside of Internet Explorer. Otherwise, I feel like I’m stooping down several levels.

    In the mood for a good laugh, I decided to take a trip to his webpage (http://letsnotbeevil.com/). The webpage turned out to be an embarrassment. I expected something at least somewhat modern-looking. However, what I found can only be described as garish. He states that the website is designed for Internet Explorer. How cute, someone who has failed to realize that the world has left Internet Explorer behind. Using Google Chrome, I navigated to his website to discover that it was a jumbled mess:

    Kids, don't let your websites become this.

    Upon reading this madman’s blog, I came across this amusing tidbit:

    "In reality though, America’s Big Brother–pressured to outsource spying soon, is going to be forced to go to the likes of Google and Facebook…who already are, sniffing us online, reading our Emails, ratting us out to their advertisers, and keep a record of everything we search for on the web!!!

    It’s all up to us to fix this … to stop these evil alliances, and to force them to just stop spying!  We need a fresh perspective on this …     we really need to hit their pockets … a “Robin Hood” style website which steals market share from Google, and giveth to the “poor” like DuckDuckGo, Ask, Yahoo, and Bing … why didn’t Microsoft think of this !?”

    While reading about what exactly this incredibly useless website does, I found that it only takes your search and sends it to several search engines in an attempt to “give a search credit to each engine”. In this way, he hopes to “level the playing field” by “hitting Google’s pocket”. What is most shocking is how he bashes Google on multiple occasions, yet still uses Google as the primary handler for any search entered on his website. This is a laughable example of hypocrisy. 

    If you’re anything like me, you still don’t understand the WHY behind this Kickstarter.


  14. Anonymous said: where's all the updates it's been like two weeks. how am I supposed to enjoy my life without seeing others fail

    I been busy, my dude! We could probably stand to get another person in here to do more updates.. If anyone wants to volunteer just shoot us a message.


  15. Your Kickstarter Doesn’t Suck: Solar Roadways Edition

    Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks (250,000 pounds). These Solar Road Panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds… literally any surface under the sun. They pay for themselves primarily through the generation of electricity, which can power homes and businesses connected via driveways and parking lots.

    I hope this reaches it’s goal. What a kick ass idea.

    Solar Roadways