1. Are you trying to sell me rocks, buddy????? You think you can sell me a fuckin box of rocks??? On Kickstarter???

    I am raising funds to sell labeled boxes of my Hand-Picked Skipping Stones.  My first edition of skipping stones will be from Colorado and I am calling them “Colorado Flats by Lady of the Lake.”  There will be other editions and branding to follow, such as “Rocky Mountain Skippers by MOBIUS Skip,” “Pennsylvania Pond Poppers,” “West Texas Water Moccasins” and “Hill Country Hoppers.” The funds raised will pay for hand-picked skipping stone procurement and transport, custom boxes, Spanish Moss filler material, design work and printing of the label.

    Ahhh it’s a box of rocks

    Let’s find out if there is a market for beautifully packaged hand-selected skipping stones…it is not a box of rocks, it is an experiencal antidote to the rigor of our modern day lives.

    Get out of here, buster- I’m not paying you for rocks. Get a real job

    Hand-Picked Skipping Stones

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