1. shaqsdreamjournal:


    $75,000 for an animation about a guy who plays video games. Uncharted territory.

    The $10,000 tier reward is tickets to a premiere in NYC where you have to pay travel expenses.

    Destroy All Slackers

    Somebody showed me an article [this guy] contributed to Kotaku (How I Achieved Greatness on a Sonic the Hedgehog Themed Bed) That article is essentially a self-help style account of the time he met a girl from OkCupid and had sex with her in the presence of his Sonic the Hedgehog duvet/pillow case set, and if that sequence of words isn’t mind-boggling enough, everything he writes is like that. If you’re still with me then congratulations on also being crazy, please read the essay he wrote defending the Kotaku article as a piece of satire

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    If this gets funded that is NOT okay. This is NOT OKAY. There are so many more kickstarters that deserve funding. If...
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    there’s now 14 backers and $1055 that means someone just pledged $500 to this
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