1. this might be the single most confusing, worthless gadget i have ever seen. after watching both videos on the page and reading the entire kickstarter description, i still have no idea what it does other than maybe spin and make some noises with FULL WEB 3.0 INTEGRATION with ALL YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS. and i think it does an augmented reality thing where you hold up your tablet’s camera to it so that it shows an overlay where you can view your favorite facebook pages but in 3D or something? seriously i have no idea; five bucks to the first person who figures out what the fuck it actually does

    CyrcleDIY: Reinvent Your Internet Experience

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    is this a Cinco product?
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    i just laughed for so long but i’m still just so confused and kind of upset about how little sense this makes?? like...
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    Basically it’s reacting to your social media and making noises that it thinks represents what’s going on. It’s literally...
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    A mobile phone can do all of these things.
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    Nah, this is pretty cool. It just looks at what you’ve been searching on the internet throughout the day and plays back...
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    Does everyone realize that this is the same brand of uselessness that large media companies currently think is “hip”...
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    I have a better understanding of the internals than I do an understanding of what this even does
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    Yeah I couldn’t either.
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