1. A glaring error only three words into the description of your book?? BZZZZT

    Greeting my name is Philip Davis, and this is one my frist pubic illustrated book called Wondering Oliver in ( Those Spell Proof Skates )


    The description, despite its frequent errors, explains that it’s a children’s book about a “Cat Witch”, but then you get to the very first panel of the entire book:

    Kitty Which. The first panel of the book, one of the ones he chose to represent the entire thing, has the main character’s name misspelled. If you go to the campaign page and look at the full description you’ll notice dozens and dozens more spelling and grammar errors. It’s like it was done on purpose.

    I always feel bad about making fun of terrible Kickstarters for childrens’ books because there’s a sort of innocence and creativity in them that’s completely lacking in the iPhone accessory cash grabs or attempts to make money off the “epic bacon ninja zombie” crowd. This guy has an interesting idea and I can tell he put some amount of effort into it but that just makes it more irritating and heartbreaking — irritating because a worthwhile endeavor is being completely overshadowed by the creator’s ineptitude and refusal to proofread and heartbreaking because you can see right away it won’t get funded. It’s like, come on, the least you can do is run spellcheck on your text-heavy creative work or ask a friend to look it over before asking strangers for $1,000.

    Also, why are both of the guy’s websites “gmail.com”. That’s not your damn website

    Wondering Oliver Spell Proof Skates

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