1. Either the Scandock is the first Kickstarter to get the vast majority of its funding from a small group of extremely generous benefactors who paid on average $4,200 each and didn’t even ask to get one of the backer rewards, or those fuckers funneled their own money through it to make sure they could get the $25,000 worth of legitimate contributions

    The Kicktraq graph shows that some major bullshit went on in the past 30 days. On January 21st, 3 people pledged $5,463. On January 26, after 3 days with no pledges, 4 people gave a total of $17,626. On February 6 only 2 people managed to pledge $15,021. You think you could get away with this by spreading out your phony contributions, pal?????? I see through your tricks……

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    This is some really shady shit. Have you flagged them/let Kickstarter know?
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    :o! conspiracy!
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